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It only took a month or two for this to happen to her... in her own words.

Laura Hofford Wilder is was our new talent buyer for music in the Opera House.

"I went downstairs one afternoon to retrieve some sound equipment from a storage area next to the green room. After I grabbed the cases and placed them on the table, I turned my back to close the storage room door, then turned back around to grab the cases. As I turned around, I saw a tall and very solid white figure walk quickly from left to right about eight feet in front of me - seemingly moving from one door in the hallway across to another. My first instinct was that someone else was in the green room, and I immediately grabbed the door on the right to see who was there - but it was locked. I grabbed the handle to the door on the left and found it was locked as well. It then hit me that though I had seen this figure go across the hall between the two doors, that I hadn't seen either door actually open.

I headed back upstairs, quite shocked. My coworker looked at me and asked if I was ok. I was a bit reluctant to blurt out "I think I saw a ghost!", so I said quietly that I thought I had seen something downstairs. He just laughed and said, 'Oh yeah - that happens here.' "

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