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What the Dickens Happened? May 26, 2021 »

William H. Dickens was a wealthy and influential Boulder County businessman, and murder victim. He was a famous 19th Century resident of Longmont whose influence is still evident today.

William Henry Dickens Jr. was born on May 26, 1843 on a ship heading from England to North America. His parents, two older siblings, and he first settled in Canada then moved to Wisconsin where Dickens Sr. and his two oldest children passed away. Dickens' mother, Mary Ann Harris, married Alonzo Allen shortly…

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Ghost of the Green Room Jun 08, 2020 »

My name is Gary Brennan, manager here at the historic Dickens Tavern & Opera House. I often find myself as the only one in the building late at nights and have seen a fair amount of paranormal activity, but nothing eerier than what happened one Sunday afternoon...

I remember summer. A beautiful day for brunch on the patio and a very busy day here at the Dickens.

I was working from 8am until around 10pm and had a couple hours of a break where I decided to rest and catch up on a little sleep.…

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It only took a month or two for this to happen to her... in her own words. Aug 18, 2019 »

Laura Hofford Wilder is was our new talent buyer for music in the Opera House.

"I went downstairs one afternoon to retrieve some sound equipment from a storage area next to the green room. After I grabbed the cases and placed them on the table, I turned my back to close the storage room door, then turned back around to grab the cases. As I turned around, I saw a tall and very solid white figure walk quickly from left to right about eight feet in front of me - seemingly moving from one door in…

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Darling Encounters May 08, 2019 »

One evening floor manager, Gary Brennan, was summoned by his wait staff at the request of a patron. He headed over to find a couple dining in the tavern, a man and his wife. He first looked to the man he looked concerned and then turned his attention to the man's wife.

She was pale, the color stripped from her face and staring straight ahead towards her husband. After a moment the lady noticed Gary and turned her attention towards him. The woman affixed her gaze and Gary saw a deep tremor in…

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Ghost tries to free Chronus Jun 08, 2017 »

The new season is a great reason to make and keep resolutions. Whether it's eating right or cleaning out the garage, here are some tips for making and keeping resolutions.

Dateline: Dicken's Opera House Longmont, CO.

When Dragontown Dan (Alice Cooper Tribute Band) played their most recent concert, the last thing they expected was a legendary concert hall ghost to set their 8'.5" Purple Albino Goldenchild Reticulated Python loose in the venue. There is a storied history of paranormal…

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The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack Feb 27, 2015 »

While the walls of the dickens have seen many deaths and mysteries in its 133 years, none are as strange as the presence of the young maiden who haunts its restrooms. While guests hustle and bustle in merriment in the upstairs tavern and Opera house, it is said the spirit of a little girl haunts the long hallways of the basement.

Late one evening, owner, Sean Owens, was in the downstairs office finishing up his paper work after a long night. The restaurant was closed and the happy patrons…

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