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Darling Encounters May 08, 2019 »

One evening floor manager, Gary Brennan, was summoned by his wait staff at the request of a patron. He headed over to find a couple dining in the tavern, a man and his wife. He first looked to the man he looked concerned and then turned his attention to the man's wife.

She was pale, the color stripped from her face and staring straight ahead towards her husband. After a moment the lady noticed Gary and turned her attention towards him. The woman affixed her gaze and Gary saw a deep tremor in…

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The Dickens Darling’s Midnight Snack Feb 27, 2015 »

While the walls of the dickens have seen many deaths and mysteries in its 133 years, none are as strange as the presence of the young maiden who haunts its restrooms. While guests hustle and bustle in merriment in the upstairs tavern and Opera house, it is said the spirit of a little girl haunts the long hallways of the basement.

Late one evening, owner, Sean Owens, was in the downstairs office finishing up his paper work after a long night. The restaurant was closed and the happy patrons…

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